Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resolutions updated:

It's fifteen days into the new year (that's it?? I swear it's been at least a month already...) so we thought you might be interested in how our achievable goals are coming for the year so far:


I've organized and de-cluttered four kitchen shelves (two above the sink and two above the microwave). That alone has made being in the kitchen much less stressful. It's so nice to reach into the cupboard and actually be able to get the can opener out without dragging fourteen things out with it. Also, who knew we had that many seasoning packets? They're now all organized in a baggie...see:

Oh how I wish I had a "before" picture...

I have  lots of tea.
You can tell the top shelf is
not organized yet.

Seriously...this is an improvement. 

Please note the easy access to the can opener.

I've also cleaned out my closet and put away our sheets in an orderly manner. I also cleared off the nightstand on my side of the room and we sold the giant TV that sat there unused. Yay for more space! Now we just need to do about a million and one more things until the bedroom is complete...but that's another project for another day (or month).

Organized closet! 

Empty and clutter-free dresser! 
Want a close up of those pictures? Of course you do.

That is Carl (age 5), Nathan (age 3), and Me (age 5)
playing dress up. This is pretty much my favorite photo. 

I also love this picture of Stephen as a little kid. Hence why it's
on my part of the dresser. 

Oh, and I cleaned out the junk drawer. That was a doozie. I had no idea so much crap could fit into one tiny drawer. And we have REALLY tiny drawers in our kitchen. Like mega small. They're trailer sized. So yeah...yay for organization and cleanliness!

Oh, and all of our drawers have these weird, annoying
dividers. Someday, when we get to demo the kitchen,
I will be the one to rip these suckers out. 


He can't write this post right now, because he's currently sanding the second bedroom walls. True story. I'd even get a picture, but he's all shut in there with the shop-vac trying to keep the dust to a minimum. I'd even go outside to get one, but the only window I can see into is the one being used to swirl dust out of the house, so yeah. Sorry about that. But he's been very productive this year. Along with the usual amount of helping out family and friends with their projects, he's been busy prepping the second spare bedroom for sanding and priming (FINALLY). Friday and Saturday he raked leaves and junk out of the backyard and took five loads of yard waste to the dump yesterday. Now our yard is bare and dirt-filled and we couldn't be happier. Well, that's a lie, but it's a definite step in the right direction. I can't even get a picture of that for you guys because it's dark now! Fail, I know. But I'll get one tomorrow and add it on.

Update: Here are some pictures of the yard (so empty of debris and leaves!) and the small bedroom in it's current stage of development): 

Once upon a time (for the past two years) this fence line had been
obscured by a giant pile of leaves. Now the sandpit (the weird section
by our driveway, which incidentally would make a great third
garage port) is clear and empty! 

The yard is also gloriously leaf-free. Now if only we could get
grass to grow in the back half...

Here's the third bedroom aka Diante's room
aka Stephen's office. The ceiling is primed,
now we just need to prime the walls, shoot up trim,
sand, and paint the sucker! 

How are your resolutions going? Anyone given up yet? Hope not!

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya

P.S. Did anyone find my haiku? I'm a nerd. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twenty Twelve

So, it's a new year, a fresh new archive on our blog. I feel like doing resolutions is cliche, but then again, I do love a good cliche! So here are our (trying oh-so hard to not be cliche - like "go to the gym 3x a week" or "spend more time with family" obviously we all want those things all the time, but they're not super measurable) resolutions:


I'm trying to follow this calendar in order to get rid of more junk and organize our house. It has one simple task for each day of the entire year, which makes it super not-overwhelming. For example, today was "de-clutter the top shelf of one of your cabinets" which I just completed. I chose the one above the sink, and I ended up doing one a half shelves, just because it made more sense. I threw out some expired coffee, re-organized the baking stuff, moved some recipe books to the basement bookshelf and pulled out a couple of cheap things that we can sell in the garage sale or donate to good will and even something to hand down to my sister Megan on her 21st birthday (I'm sure you can guess the nature of that item). I've done pretty well so far each day, except for Monday, because I didn't have the necessary tools to construct a donation station, so I'm planning on doing it this weekend. :)


Organizing and getting things done is obviously a big theme in our house.  While I can’t quite make a strict calendar, I can set goals for each weekend to complete projects, organize, and get things done.  As we all know, things happen.  Cars can break down, computers crash, the weather's bad for an outdoor project, we ran out of food, toilet paper, printer ink, dog food, and gas for the lawnmower... all at the same time.  You know, the usual.  Since these lovely snags like to pop up, there will be two goals or projects than can be done.  One will be a larger project.  One that can have more time and energy dedicated to it to complete.  The other is more of a backup.  These are not less important but they may be several small projects that can easily be done quickly, or it may be something that can be done in stages.  While doing this it will be important to not set too many goals at once.  If a small number are set, things get done and you are happy that you met these goals.  Anything else that is completed is just gravy.  This weekend I will do a screen door at the in-laws on Friday, take yard waste to the dump Saturday.  It may not seem like much but those are easy to achieve and it keeps momentum going.

What are you resolutions (corny, or not) for 2012? Anyone got anything good?

Vanessa and Stephen (Anya's only resolution is to grow fat and lazy...done!)