Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Bedroom

Oh, the guest room. This room has been a roller coaster ride. It started out as the most disgusting, hateful room in the house. Just look at this icky mess:

I love how the paint would come off when you touched it. 

The chair rail really...well..yeah it needed to go. 

This room was dusty, gross, and damaged. And if you look closely,
you can totally see the original hall bath. *shudders*
At this point, the room gave me migraines. I mean,
what a mess. 
It's amazing what cheap paint and carpeting can do. 
It still was a mess though, because it quickly became the "I don't know where this goes, let's just put it in the guest room" place when we moved in, see?

Yup. This happened. 

And it was a big deal when this happened - because this was "organized".
 And then it became semi-functional/ "my" room:

Look - a work space! And yeah, Molly's hanging out in her wedding dress.

And it could actually function as a guest bedroom. Fancy that. 

Even hanging sheer "curtains" in place of doors
was a big step for us. 

Here you can see the only storage closet in
the entire house. Not even kidding. 
So the room stayed like that for about a year. And then I got fed up because it always felt crowded and unorganized and not at all like a guest room. So we rearranged the furniture and moved the desk down into the now-finished basement.

Now it really felt like a guest room. 

But man, this room is small and awkward shaped.

So then we finished our bedroom, and our bathroom, and my little sister was coming to visit, so I thought we ought to really finish this room. Aka - repaint, do the trim, and put up real window treatments. But Vanessa, you say, There are no window treatments in this room. Oh, that's because I refused to allow photos taken of the TOWELS that got shoved into the crack above the window to keep things private. Sometimes I feel like we fit in too well to this neighborhood...

Elephant Grey paint, new curtains...

How cute is this room now? 

It's definitely girly. I mean, there's 3 Audrey photos in here,
and it's purple. But I like it. 

Oh, and check out those REAL doors. Win. 

And you can't see, but that closet is totally and legitimately
organized. I am on top of it. 
So now it's one of my favorite rooms in the house. It's always neat and tidy, now that we've finally gone through all the crap - I mean, valuable garage sale items, that used to take up so much space, and painted and finished the room.



I no longer find this room hateful - thank goodness!

Vanessa and Stephen