Sunday, February 26, 2012

Diante's Room

We call the smallest spare bed room "Diante's Room" because that's what was written on the wall when we arrived...apparently it was important for the previous owner's child to mark his territory. It was in especially horrible condition...

Please note that parquet floor and random wood trim. 

I don't know what's worse - the condition of the walls or the odd painted wallpaper strip.

Granted, the original windows and spider man decals are pretty great. 

And the way the sconce just burns your retinas...ah...home sweet home. Or not. 

So we ripped down the wallpaper and some of the trim, got new windows, and did a bit of mudding. 

And then loaded the room full of junk. 

So we lived here for two years and didn't do anything to the room, even though we did stuff to the other parts of the house (like the hallway, trim, and doors  in this picture)

Finally, we got around to finishing Stephen's future office space. (Mostly so he could have a desk to put his computer on, instead of on stacked boxes).

Mud, sand, trim, primer.
 Already it looked a million times better.

Wanna see another before? Of course you do: 


After primer.
Then Stephen painted the room with some paint that we acquired from a previous job. 

Oh, and please note the pretty white ceilings. Yay for no more water spots. 

We couldn't get rid of the sconce without lots of other problems, so we replaced it. It's not ideal, but it's definitely an upgrade. 

And a new door. Which has yet to be painted. 

Dry paint - no more scary painted wallpaper! 

Currently, Stephen's office is being put to good use...or at least put hard to work. It's a bit sloppy at the moment, and not 100% done. 

Oh, and the desk is enormous. 
 We still need window treatments, some artwork on the wall, new lamps, and a new home for the ironing stuff.

Silly ironing board - you don't belong in an office! 
At least the closet's organized - even if it still doesn't have a door.

So, it's a work in progress, but it is progressing. Stephen's such a good, hard worker! 

Love, until we get some more done,
Stephen, Vanessa, and Anya