Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's New?

I find myself with a little bit more free time these days. So, who's ready for a game of "What's New?" You are? Perfect! Let's play it by months.

August: Finished our master bedroom - woot woot! I'll be blogging that process for ya soon!

September: James played with the KC Symphony (even a big deal for us), plus our third family Ben Folds concert - one of the best yet. What's better than sitting in the back and singing loudly? Nothing. Oh, and I hosted my first Classic Movie Date - silent films FTW.

October: Esteban started his new job at Harvest Productions - which he loves, and is brilliant at.

November: I did my first Photo Essay over Thanksgiving and got really great reviews from my teacher.

December: We started a new tradition for our anniversary and went to The Capital Grille down on the Plaza and had an absolutely lovely time! Seriously delicious, and such precious table settings and dessert by the staff.

January: My litle sister, SAM, came to visit! We had way too much fun. And piercings. That happened. Oh, and Anya gave us quite the medical scare. But naturally, she's fine now. What a ham.

February: Lotssss of snow days! SO MUCH relaxation! (And reading - "Game of Thrones" mostly)

March: Hamez and I got to go to our first bookreading by THE BLOGGESS. It was a perfect end to a cruddy week. Oh and Stephen and I saw "Back to the Future" at The Screenland Armour Theatre (where we got married) and it was a BLAST.

Those are the major plot points of our life as of currently. In our future we're expecting a trip to a Speakeasy, a major kitchen reno, and a trip to Cali. Oh, and a new job on the horizon for Nessa. We'll keep ya posted.

Nessa, Stephen, and Anya


Expect a legit, real blog post real soon.

I know you're excited. It's been too long, folks.