Thursday, September 2, 2010

three peas in a pod

As summer comes to an end, and I remain unemployed, I find myself endlessly making lists. Grocery lists. Walmart lists. Chore lists. Job idea lists. To-do lists. Today I decided to make a Completed List. A list of all the things Stephen and I have accomplished since we got married eight months ago:

  • Work on the House - we have drapes, interior doors, a bathroom, new dining room floors, furniture. check!
  • Get Health Insurance - Stephen's new job at Garmin! Check!
  • Get a Dog - well, we "stole" Anya from my parents, so...check!
  • Go on Vacation - we went to Vancouver, B.C. in May...check!
  • Find time to have fun - definitely Check!

So, even though I still have no teaching job, there's still no baseboards on 85% of the house, the closet door in the front room still needs to be painted, and the back bedroom (aka: Diante's room) still needs to be mudded, sanded, and's hard to deny that we've accomplished anything. 

When we moved into this little house, we didn't have any drapes, or any interior doors. The mirror in the bathroom was the old one, propped up on the new sink. The brand new dining table sat on paint-splattered parkay floors, and the basement and garage were rightfully called "the dungeon." After all, just looking in them was a cruel form of torture. 

We do have drapes now, so our neighbors can't peek in on us, and we have a bathroom door (on a bathroom that's painted and fitted with new "stuff"), so people aren't afraid to use it. The basement and the garage are no longer tortuous to look at, even if they are still scary. We have new floors in the dining room, and eventually we'll get all of that baseboard up (and Diante's room will eventually be Stephen's office). 

We've accomplished a lot (even if it's not that noticeable to others...) on the house, we've spent time together, chased Anya around with her cow, watched Dexter, Scrubs, and The Office together, and tried to stretch our tiny budget on this tiny little house. But the best parts have been spending time with our families, and our friends:

Stephen riding the jetski with Sam and Richard at the lake, me taking three lactaids to try my dad's homemade ice cream (and still getting sick - totally worth it though), us taking Sue out for cheap dessert at Houlihan's. Moving James to Denton, Texas (which by the way, is entirely too far away) for grad school. Singing karaoke with our friends at a really sketchy bar. 

Summer's been so much fun (minus the heat), that needless to say, Stephen, Anya, and I are looking forward to fall. Bonfires, apple orchards, walks, raking leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweaters, and apple cider candles from Lowe's. And who knows, maybe we'll even get the house painted.

Anya and her cow. 

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya  

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