Sunday, December 19, 2010


pa-per-ing verb: 1. to be in the process of hating your life while in the process of accumulating research for a paper or while in the physical act of writing a paper. The infinitive is to paper (I paper, you paper, we paper, they paper). The gerund is I am papering. i.e. After I am done papering, I am going to start papering again so that I can write Merriam-Webster to add this definition to their "little collection of word meanings": And, I am not at all bitter that I am spending a beautiful Sunday papering. (Westbrook, James). 2. The act of celebrating the first wedding anniversary, due to the fact that the traditional gift of the first wedding anniversary is paper. (Waters, Vanessa).

A year in reflection (spark notes version):

A most excellent Wedding Ceremony and Reception, with all of our friends and family. A blizzardy Christmas. JAMAICA (sand, sun, beaches, all the food we could eat). Relaxation. Adoption of Anya. Vanessa's Student Teaching in Dearborn, MO. Stephen's new job at Garmin. VANCOUVER (Our Lady Peace (twice), excellent hotel, excellent sights, excellent food). Housewarming Party. Driving Hamez to Texas for Graduate School. Front Porch "Bonfires" with friends. Working on the house (it never ends, does it?). Hamez coming home for Thanksgiving Date Night. Putting up the Christmas tree - together this time. DJing at our Reception Hall for a friend's wedding. Hamez coming home for Christmas Break Date Night. Celebrating being best friends forever!

Celebratory Activities: Piropos (where we ate more food in one sitting than any two humans should eat in one day (example: Stephen's prime rib was the size of a small child)), The Plaza (we went to barnes and nobles and "ooh'ed" and "ahh'ed" the pretty lights), we skipped going to The Cheesecake Factory because we were so full from dinner), and New Wii Games (Wii Sports Resort) on Saturday. Games, Movies, Relaxing, Spaghetti on our China, Eating Year-Old-Frozen-Wedding-Cake on Sunday. Okay, that last one's a lie - we didn't eat the cake - it was DISGUSTING.

Our General Observation: If the first year is supposed to be the hardest year of marriage, we are so going to own this institution.

December 19, 2009

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya

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