Thursday, February 17, 2011

The chinook is blowing...the smell of mold right into my house.

"I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them." 
                                                        -Algernon, "The Importance of Being Earnest"

It's a balmy, breezy 70 degrees here in Missouri today. In February! Needless to say, the windows are open and the dog is quite excited. It's nice to have warm air, but it does smell kind of musty and moldy outside.So in the interest of the ever-elusive Springtime (because undoubtedly Old Man Winter will come back with a vengeance soon), I'm going to tell you about our plans / ask for suggestions on our Victory Garden!

Q: Why we are calling it a Victory Garden?
A: Vanessa read too much "Molly" books from American Girl as a child.

Q: Where is the garden going to be?
A: The Eastern side of the house! It's kind of the unclaimed area that gets enough sun and won't be disturbed. We have a really great corner in our back yard by the house, but Anya's claimed it as her toilet, so the side of the house it is!

Q: What about the deer?
A: We don't have any in our neighborhood! (I can feel Dad's jealousy through the web)

Q: What are you planning on planting? (tongue twister!)
A: HERBS like basil, chives, thyme, mint, parsley, and VEGGIES like tomatoes and peas (and maybe some FRUIT like strawberries... if we're feeling adventurous).

Q: Why are you having a garden?
A: Because we love food, and we love fresh herbs, and they're so expensive at the store. Plus we eat lots of tomatoes and peas, so why not grow them? (Plus, Vanessa needs things to occupy her time).


Q: What else should we plant? What types of herbs do you like?

Q: When should we sow our seeds?

Q: Is a plow required? (Okay, just kidding on this one, I got a little carried away with the Little House on the Prairie scenario.)

We're also planning on growing lilies
in the front yard. They're beautiful
and they smell lovely. 

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya

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  1. Matt and I are going to start a garden this summer, too :) I like the idea of calling it a "victory garden" ha ha.

    We're planning on planting a TON of tomatoes, some corn, other veggies, some fresh herbs, and we'd like to maybe get a berry bush or two and maybe even brave a fruit tree.

    My dad is an expert gardener, so once it gets a little warmer, he's going to come over and help us build some boxes and help talk me through the whole process! I'll keep you posted on what we're doing when :) Hopefully we'll both have successful first gardens this summer!