Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean Part 3!

This organic cleaning is becoming an obsession - but it's so cheap and easy (and so good for Mother Nature), it's hard not be excited about it.

This segment is over the window, glass, and chrome cleaner that I mentioned in yesterday's post.

There's two versions of this cleaner (in case you don't want to purchase Dr. Bronner's - although I can't imagine why you wouldn't - it's amazing!)

Version 1:
1 c. water
1 c. vinegar
1/2 t. Dr. Bronner's

Cost: $0.10 for two cups of cleaner

Version 2 (cost: $0.09):
5 parts water
1 part vinegar

Cost: ~$0.09 per cup of vinegar used

Windex: $1.44 for two cups ($2.87 for 32 oz. bottle)*
Invisible Glass: $2.00 for two cups ($2.75 for 22 oz. bottle)**

*(Priced from Walmart online)
**(Priced from Amazon online)

And I've found, with any glass/window cleaner - you want to use as dry a cloth/paper towel as possible because it's way less streaky. Although, the first time I used my home-made cleaner I used a damp paper towel on our bathroom mirror and it ended up so clear and streak-free that I stood amazed for several seconds. I've also read that newspaper and coffee filters work really great on glass and mirrors - although I've never tried it myself.

Happy Cleaning!


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