Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer To-Do

Today's my first Monday off for summer break, and I'm enjoying it by doing some laundry and watching a lot of The Office on Netflix. Winning.

But, as both my mother and husband have pointed out, I should probably actually accomplish some things this summer (hardee har har you guys). So in the hopes of actually getting these things done, I'm posting them here for you to see (motivation, right?). So here we go:

  • New window treatments in the master bedroom. 
  • Window treatments in the small bedroom (Stephen's office).
  • Window treatments in the guest bedroom (do you see a pattern here?). 
  • Spray paint a whole lotta picture frames that are gathered in the basement. 
  • Re-paint the master bedroom. 
  • Upholster our boxspring for a makeshift bedframe. 
  • Do at least one get rid of 100-things weekend. 
  • Get rid of the fan in the guest room (okay, this is more something Stephen has to do). 
  • Grow some basil and lavender. (I didn't tend to my garden this year...)
  • Organize my classroom units into binders. 

I think that's about it for now, although I may definitely add to it. What about you guys? Any summer projects? I know Stephen's planning on finishing our master bathroom (woot!) among some other things.



  1. Nice list. How about, "experiment with meals and add one new dish to your repertoire of "go to" meals, such as your chicken paprikas".

  2. Not a bad idea except that's something we do on a normal basis - we're always trying new meals and new ways to cook things! That's one of the best parts of my summer break - endless amounts of time to cook and bake!