Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kitchen - Part 2

And onwards with the renovations: 

This is his favorite (nope)

Stephen's favorite: drywall!

Andy and Stephen worked hard one Saturday morning to put up all the brand new cabinets (from Cabinet Giant here in KC). 

Look: a normal wall! 

Channeling Dexter. 

Sanding: Stephen's other favorite...nope. 

That space? Yeah, it's for a real dishwasher. 
 After looking at what seemed like a million laminate countertops, and not being able to afford solid surface counters, we settled on tile. Luckily, we found this awesome grey textured floor tile at Lowe's and used that.

Tile. Not linen. 

Where there used to be a dishwasher, there is now a cabinet!

Adding the cabinet under the window was one of the best decisions we made!

Stephen also added cabinets above the stove and fridge. 

We'd always planned on using subway tiles for the backsplash, and we found a great deal on mosaic-style ones that made the job go much quicker for Esteban.

We used the same grey in the hall as our bedroom and bathroom.
We had some left over and thought it would be a good neutral. 

Look at that gorgeous shiny wall! 

Having an above the range microwave is wonderful. 

Look! Real drawers!!

Meanwhile, I printed off labels on sticker paper. 
Yup. Love it. 

To be continued (just once more)

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