Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eskimo Kiss**

It's January in the Mid-West. We're having a heat-wave. Currently, the wind chill is 30*. Eventually this week, the temperature's supposed to drop to 2*. TWO. That is not enough digits.

So, in light of our freezing extremities, I thought it'd be appropriate to play a little game. Drumroll, please...

What would you need to live in an Igloo? 

It's like Desert Island - only you're living in an Igloo (probably in Northern Canada, or Alaska). Your necessities are provided for (The Three F's: Food, Fire, Fur), so what five things would you bring?

1. Stephen - he's handy and fun to hang out with.
2. The Harry Potter Series - doubt I could ever be sick of that.
3. iPod - MusicMusicMusic.
4. The world's biggest notebook and pens. - to write, to doodle, to play tic-tac-toe.
5. (and as shady as it sounds - because I can't think of anything else) a bottle of Jameson. Hey, it's cold!

Stephen: (Asked Vanessa: "Are you a given? If not then I would want you!)
1. Solar Charger
2. iPhone with music on it
3. snow shovel
4. knife
5. playing cards
6. Vanessa (if not included)

Oh, how different we are.

Give us your answers and we'll post them, too!

Our Front Yard.

Stay Warm!

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya (although the only igloo she's allowed in is the plastic dog kind)

**So an "Eskimo Kiss" is where you brush noses, right? Well that got me thinking; they probably do that because it's so cold that if they kissed on the lips it might get stuck. Yes? No? Well, maybe if one of the Eskimos had braces...

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