Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To:

We've done a few "how to" things both on this blog and on Stephen's, but I haven't told you how to make it through the day as a first year teacher (and since I've made it through over 100, I guess I sorta have it down). So, without further, we introduce:

How to: make it through the day as a first year teacher. 

1. Keep food in your desk.
Crackers and granola bars for rumbly tummies; ramen for forgotten lunches; and chocolate for bad days.

2. Always have tons of stuff to drink. 
 My mouth gets super dry when I lecture, so I always have a large container of water (to refill my water container and boil water with for tea) in my room. 

3. Tissues
Yup. For when someone makes you angry. It doesn't hurt to have backup mascara in your desk, either...

4. Be more organized than is required
I am ultra organized (individual file folders for every single assignment categorized into crates for each class? check), and still things slip through my mind and get forgotten (still working on that). I have a specific home for every single thing in my room (student's stuff and my own) and if it's not in it's home, it doesn't exist.

5. Learn to grit your teeth and smile. Oh, and bite your tongue.
No matter how much you want to, or how much he deserves it, do not tell that annoying freshman to shut the **** up. (You have to say it nicely - meh)

6. Don't start Senior Superlatives in your Yearbook. 
Here's one I learned too late: not because it didn't turn out great (it did), or because any of the students were upset (they weren't) but because it's new. People don't like change. 

7. Have at least one student aides. 
They're really good at making copies. And if they're not really good at making copies, they will be by the time you finish with them!

8. Find one student who likes to play practical jokes.
You'll end up searching for things like the remote to the elmo, staplers, and post-it notes (and possibly even the entire class), but the reverse is you get to have your revenge by putting hundreds of used post-it notes in their camera bag to find before the big game. 

9. Don't be a junior class sponsor.
Just don't. You know that analogy about having one too many things on your plate? That 'thing' is junior class sponsor (concession stands and prom? no thank you).

10. Keep your liquor cabinet stocked up. 
At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic...this is always a good idea for after the really long, headachey days.  

11. Always remember it could be worse.
You could be in a cubicle, working summers, not getting holidays off or doing something that doesn't have the potential to be completely awesome. 

Mrs. Waters 


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