Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

So once upon a time I started reading this completely awesome blog...which eventually led me to discover Pinterest. Oh, what a time waster - but a motivational time waster. So every season these two funny girls (Katie from Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love) motivate themselves to complete a project that they've pinned, and since I'm on spring break, I decided to join in!

I have a slight obsession with pictures (we have entire wall in our living room just full of random pictures)...

And when I saw this photo on Pinterest, I knew I had to do it:

Originally from here
The idea is that you frame your grandmother's handwritten recipes to put in your kitchen. 

My grandfather, Papap recently gave me two boxes full of recipes from his kitchen that probably haven't been touched since my grandmother used them over ten years ago. Dusty though they might be, I went digging through them to find the prettiest handwritten recipes (matching them to her cookie recipe that I have to make sure it was her handwriting). 

A lot of these recipes were my grandmother's and great-grandmother's. 

So many great recipes (and pretty handwriting). 

Conveniently enough, Stephen and I made a trip to Texas this past weekend (visiting James for his Master's Recital) and went on a side-trip to Ikea, so we had plenty of picture frames available. I took four matching ones, picked out the recipes I wanted to display and placed them on white paper in the frame. Being OCD, I had pretty specific criteria in terms of the type of card they were written on (plain) and the color of ink (only neutral colors like black or grey).

My favorite: Peter Pan Cookies (delicious peanut butter cookies
and the greatest cookie name of all time)

The most time consuming part of the project was locating the hammer and nails (turns out our garage is not very organized - so we've added that to the to-do list). I used paper and tape to perfect where I wanted the frames, and then nailed through the paper to get it just right (I don't have pictures of that for this project, sorry!) and Voila:

They add some nice decor to our very bare kitchen (owing to the fact that it has yet to be upgraded, so doing anything substantial feels just silly...but I couldn't resist hanging these at least for a short while before we manage to get to the kitchen remodel). I like how the four different recipes I chose have different levels of wear and tear and discoloration, plus they're all about the same size which appeases my neurotic tendencies. Please find it in your heart to forgive the unpainted trim...yuck: 

All in all, a very easy, fun project! And that's one thing to mark off my DIY pinboard on Pinterest. Only like 300 to go (haha)!

Have you done any cool DIY projects lately? Do you want to do the next Pinterest Challenge with me? Of course you do.


(Just to note, Pinterest doesn't sponsor this project or anything; it's just for fun!) 


  1. This is a neat idea for some of my grandma's recipes. Thanks. Found you from YHL .

  2. Love it! Well done. I guess I will have to hook-up with you on Pintrest