Monday, May 23, 2011

Destination Mondays #3

This week's Destination Monday features Stephen and I's former temporary city of residence - and the town in which our Alma Mater is located - Warrensburg, Missouri. (90 miles East of Kansas City)

Warrensburg, Missouri

To all of you disbelieving folks out there - yes, I am recommending that you may want to travel to "The Burg"...and here is why:

Pine Street is loads of fun. You have to go to Heroes for a Long Island Iced Tea or an Unknown Hero and onion rings. YUM. Also recommended is Fitter's for a good view of the street, karaoke on Tuesdays, and live music on Wednesdays. Also worth a daytime visit is the enormous antique shop, Those Were The Days. They have everything - literally. Pine Street is the "happenin" place in the burg - there's tons of restaurants and coffee shops (and of course, Rockin Sports - the used music warehouse) that are worth a visit - and bars and "clubs" at night. And you can wander up North Holden Street (perpendicular to Pine Street) for lots more shops and fun stores. Now, if you're looking for something off of Pine Street to do at night, then Cadillac Ranch is the place for you (don't let the overwhelming amount of Jack Daniel's paraphernalia overwhelm you on that website). It is the place to be on Thursday night's for line dancing and 2-for-1 drink specials.

Of course, there are also educational things in the burg. You can always visit the University and go to the bookstore, walk the (beautiful) campus, or check out awesome new rec center that just opened this January. Or you can visit one of the awesome parks in the Burg, likeBlind Boone Park or  Lions Lake, or golf/walk/bike/hike/fish in Pertle Springs (there's also an observatory here for the Astronomy classes at UCM - very awesome).

Don't forget to check out The Marching Mules at a UCM football game. 

Giant Bear outside of 13-Hwy Antique Shop

I like to feed the ducks at Lions Lake.

All in all...Warrensburg's not a bad place to visit.

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