Monday, May 9, 2011

Destination Mondays

Welcome to Destination Mondays: the newest feature of our blog. 

Since it's Summertime here in Missouri (at least today; it's 92 out), it's got us thinking about traveling and vacations. So, in order to make your Mondays more enjoyable - every Monday for the next few months, Stephen and I will be providing you with destinations (and supporting information - check out the gold links) that we think YOU should travel to!

Our first destination (and one of our favorites) is Gulf Shores, Alabama

Located 50 miles from Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico, is Gulf Shores, Alabama (there's also Orange Beach, AL - which is adjacent and basically the same place), where you will find beautiful beaches with powdery-white sand, shell and crab hunting, delicious seafood, and all the relaxation any one could ask for! Plus, there's just something so mind-numbing about the salty Gulf air.

The perfect ocean to swim in - calm waves, shallow waters...

- My entire family would definitely recommend staying at any of  these houses, with the beach as your  backyard (literally). You can fall asleep listening to the waves, or walk the miles of beach at any hour (yes, miles). It's the ultimate getaway. 

Photographed 2011: Cotton Bayou Beach Access in Orange Beach, Alabama.

-There are golf courses and a great outlet mall, and a short drive away there's historic Fort MorganBattleship USS Alabama, and the always-awesome Naval Aviation Museum (definitely worth a visit!). Then there's the dining. Yum. Stephen, James, and I's personal favorite (see addendum) is Bubba's Seafood House (NOT related to Bubba Gump). Also highly recommend is LuLu's, and of course you have to visit The Hangout (I mean, come on, it's called The Hangout). ***

My Favorite Tourist Trap: Souvenir City

-Trips to Gulf Shores may include sightings of the following:  Manta Rays, Sand Crabs, Blue Herons, Sand Dollars, Hermit Crabs, Pinchy Crabs (not the scientific name, obviously) , Sea Turtles, American Green Tree Frog, Jellyfish, and countless other types of wildlife. Pretty much, you never know. 

Photographed 2009 - Entrance to
Terry Cove at Perdido Beach

Don't forget to take your sunscreen! (Seriously - you will burn without it)

Photographed 2011: Orange Beach, AL

Beautiful Sunset over Perdido Beach and the Perdido Bridge.
Photographed 2011

Photographed 2011: Sunset over Orange Beach, Alabama.

***Addendum: You absolutely MUST go to Doc's Seafood Shack. Order the Gumbo and Grilled Shrimp. It's the best food in the entire world. I'm not even exaggerating. Next time I go, I plan on ordering the pick four platter with four orders of grilled shrimp and a gallon of frozen gumbo to go. Go now, thank me later.

Doc's Seafood Shack in Orange Beach, Alabama

Photographed 2011: Terry Cove at Perdido Beach

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  1. Ha! You should have also mentioned it's the perfect way to connect with family. But way to sum up one of my fav vacation spots.