Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Blogger - James

This post was written by our bestie, James. He's currently a graduate student at The University of North Texas. In his "spare" time, he works at the campus library. And he's the funniest person we know. - V & S

Happy Holidays! This time of year means a lot of different things to different people. For many, the last two weeks have been filled with family get-togethers, last minute gift shopping, and spreading Christmas cheer.

And, as I’m sure you have noticed, most people during the holidays fall into one (or more) the following three categories. This first type of person loves Christmas. And, when I say love, I mean L.O.V.E  This person starts shopping for next year’s Christmas gifts at New Years, and will stop at nothing until all 738 people on their list has a gift. This person starts listening to jingle bells in May, has their tree up by Halloween, and spends their child’s college saving fund on a yard full of tacky inflatable lawn ornaments.  Their living room might end up looking something like this man’s over-the-top north pole scene. Please note the life size Mrs. Claus and nutcracker in the background.

We all know a Christmas Party Hopper. These characters tend to show up at every party, every dinner, and every holiday outing if it means they can escape being trapped inside their house with their own family. 

Lastly you have the Grinch; these coal-hearted stick-in-the-muds will do everything it takes (including getting you a fruit cake) to put a damper on your Christmas Cheer.  These sad-sacks find no point in putting up a tree to only take it down in three weeks, there is no joy in wrapping presents for people to only rip up their meticulous wrapping job, and can usually be found spiking every holiday drink they can get their hands on.

However, for most twenty-something college students, the holiday season doesn’t start until they’re done cramming for that last exam, done filling in that last circle on their scan-tron, and done filling their car with laundry to take home and wash for free at their parents house. And until each student has reached this blissful sensation of being done for the semester, they go to the one place on campus that they feel they can be productive and get away from all the distractions of dorm life – the library. Let me be the first person to tell you how wrong that is.

For many, finals week is the first time they’ve stepped foot in the building that before only existed in their imagination. They can be easily spotted as the group of people that are bumping into each other as they clumsily navigate the library floor plan. Once these first-timers unpack their lap-tops, their notebooks, their three course meals (the whole point of coming to the library was to avoid studying, right?), and their caffeinated beverages (exhibit A) they proceed to fall asleep. 

Exhibit A: 8 beverages for three people is totally necessary when studying at the library.

Let me just explain to you the different type of sleepers you might encounter at the library. The first kind are the desk-dependent sleepers. What might start as a closer look at that six syllable organic compound turns into a twenty minute snooze:

The next type, and my favorite type, are the desk-independent sleepers. These people can sleep 
anywhere, anytime.

These nappers are among my favorite library patrons because nothing gets in the way of their sleep schedule – not even their academic success.  

Whatever role you find yourselves in this holiday season, whether it be the holiday crazed Santa-lover, the family-avoiding holiday party-goer, or the Grinch, I hope you get to spend at least a couple hours with the people in your lives that your truly matter to you.  Because, after all, it’s spending time with the people you love that truly make the holidays special. Even if it does feel like you’re living in crazy town.

James (aka: Hamez)

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