Saturday, December 17, 2011


So when I was analyzing the old Christmas song for our blog, it was easy for me to pick today's: Six Geese A-Laying...naturally I thought Christmas ornaments. Am I the only one? Probably. But here's a little ornament fun!

Start with plain glass ornaments (six bucks at Target).

Add a little sparkle and feathers? Oh yes, feathers. But tasteful feathers. 

So then I funneled some pearls into the glass ornaments. 

It looked awesome, but the ornament was way too heavy to hang on the tree. Sad day. 

So, take two: feathers. 

I started with cutting the boa, but that led to lots of fluffy white feathers all over everything, so then I started pulling out the prettiest feathers, as such: 

A couple ornaments I put just a few feathers in, and others I stuffed full. The effect was pretty fun: 

And then we just put them on the tree! 

So pretty, right? Don't be afraid to check out the awesome Michigan and Bicycle Rider ornaments. 

So there you go. Fun, super easy ornaments. Originally I was going to put the toothpicks with the sparklies on top inside the glass ornaments, but I couldn't find those festive toothpicks anywhere, so I went with the boa. And if you were wondering, the rest of the boa is resting on the back of our toilet with some sparkly holiday candles. I think it looks like snow, Stephen thinks it looks like Anya killed a goose. Thoughts?

Happy Holidays!

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya

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