Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Christmas Birds

Update: In completely unrelated news, the only version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" I can stand is the Muppets' version. SO. GREAT. - V

As most of you probably know, I'm a major stickler for tradition (I guarantee my mom's laughing as she reads this). I do not like change, especially regarding holidays. However, here are a few new things you might try for the holiday season:

Do something a little different with your Christmas Tree. I particularly like what Sherry and John Petersik over at Young House Love did with their tree a few years's totally citrus themed with orange and green and yellow. Talk about different, but really fun.

Donate to charity in someone's name. You can pick their favorite charity if they have one, or find a charity that does the type of work they might believe in.

Sick of the same old holiday letter? Make a card like we did on Shutterfly.

Decorate with something not-so-traditional. Like corks, or uncooked rice, or even gift tags and feathers. Oh yes, I said feathers. Check it:

From a future blog post. Be ready for it. 

Have an un-Christmasy-themed party. Moroccan (The Office, anyone?), Asian (Stephen and I had chinese for dinner last Christmas), or even Mexican. Oh yes, my yearbook staff is having a party with tacos, salsa, and lots of queso. Sure it's a little crazy, but so are we. I did have to draw the line at the pinata though, I've watched enough of America's Funniest Home Videos to know how that ends. 

Try decorating a tree other than the traditional evergreen. Palm? Birch? Fern? A large shrub? I dunno, it could be kinda awesome. Be sure to send me pics if you try that. 

Does your family always have a big Christmas dinner? You could try doing a brunch (like we usually do), or vise versa. Trade turkey for ham, rolls for scones, mulled wine for get the general idea. 

Do any of you have any unconventional traditions for the holidays? Are you trying anything new this year? Any winners? Anything bomb? Please share! 

Vanessa, Stephen, and Anya

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